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Helping Homeless Moms

This mother and son successfully participated in our program.

Sunday is Mother’s Day! Throughout the day, generations of families will come together virtually to celebrate the amazing women in their lives – mothers, grandmothers, sisters and aunts who provide support, comfort, hope, and lots and lots of love. Unfortunately, due to a virus that is causing millions of Americans to “shelter in place”, lose their jobs, and be at risk of eviction, hundreds of mothers throughout our community will not have the special day they deserve. Family Promise Chicago North Shore is working hard to make certain that, during these challenging times, every mother in our community is happy, safe, and celebrated this Mother’s Day. One young mother who will enjoy Mother's Day with her children this year, due to the support of Family Promise, is a mom who we will call "Cynthia". Following is her story: Cynthia and her two young children were living in Chicago. She had a well-paying restaurant job and her children were happily attending school near their home. All was well. Following the onset of the Coronavirus (before the stay on evictions), Cynthia was laid off from her job. She couldn't pay her rent so she and her children were evicted. They were homeless and living with different friends on a nightly basis. When the “shelter in place” order was instituted this living arrangement no longer worked and Cynthia and her children became homeless. Through a community member, Cynthia learned about Family Promise. Upon arrival she was met by caring staff, who immediately made her feel welcome. They provided her with a safe place to live, guidance to apply for and receive unemployment benefits, and e-learning support for her children. Because of Family Promise, Cynthia and her children will spend her special day together in a safe, comfortable home filled with love.

Honor your mother this Mother’s Day by making a donation to Family Promise Chicago North Shore. Let’s make sure that all the mothers in our community have the resources that they need to celebrate with their families this year. Your donation, large or small, will provide women throughout our community with the hope of a better life and a brighter future for them and their children . You can also mail a check to Box 484, Glencoe IL 60022. Together, we can end homelessness one family at a time. Richard Day Board President Tracy Lawson McKeithen, M.A. Executive Director

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