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What is Keys to Good Tenancy?

Family Promise and the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) jointly developed the Keys to Good Tenancy curriculum to provide families with the knowledge and skills to be good tenants. The curriculum prepares new renters for tenancy by addressing a broad spectrum of elements, including budgeting, leases, home repairs, maintenance, neighbor relations, renters’ rights and more.

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                                                   THANKSGIVING TEMPERANCE TRIKONASANA (YOGA + BEER TASTING)


                                                Our series, “Temperance Trikonasana” pairs beer with yoga and a cause and makes a                                                        special return this November to get your Thanksgiving off to a positive start. Jenny                                                            Arrington brings her “Rebel Human Way” class to the brewery from 11:00 am - 12:45 pm.
                                                Once our bodies and minds are opened, we have a beer together and learn about Family Promise, our annual beneficiary of this special Temperance Trikonasana. Learn more and donate to Family Promise: “Rebel Humans can be made. With training, we can start pushing back against our internal norms that are keeping us stuck. We eventually can begin to push back against the external norms that are keeping our community and society stuck. This unique class uses movement, intense breath, mantra, relaxation, and meditation to build resilience, awareness, connection, and the ability to transcend self-limiting thoughts and behaviors. There is no performative wellness here. This is wellness in defense of a better future. Rebel Human Way trains you in skills that fall under the core competencies of a Rebel Human: resilience, equanimity, and transcendence. Each class is unique but follows a consistent structure that you can rest into: Tune-in. Warm-up. Mindful Movement. Sound Bath. Meditation.” - Jenny Arrington

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Join Family Promise Chicago North Shore for NIGHT WITHOUT A BED on October 22nd, 2022! 


#NightWithoutABed is a social media challenge to raise awareness about families experiencing homelessness. We invite you, your family and friends to spend the night of October 22nd sleeping anywhere without a bed: in a car, in a tent, a tree house, on the living room couch or floor. Then, share a photo or video on social media using the hashtags #NightWithoutABed2022 and #FamilyPromiseChicagoNShore and #FamilyPromiseChicagoNorthShore.


What you can do during NIGHT WITHOUT A BED:


Below are some resources you, your family, friends, youth group, congregation, or community might engage with as you settle into your sleeping bag. 


1. Take pictures and videos and post them to social media with the hashtags #NightWithoutABed22, #FamilyPromiseChicagoNShore and #FamilyPromiseChicagoNorthShore to raise awareness.


2. Become a Night Without A Bed FUNDRAISER for Family Promise Chicago North Shore. It's easy – just share the url with family, friends and your community. The top 3 fundraisers will receive a Family Promise gift bag!


3. Talk with your children about helping others. Take advantage of these great Sesame Street in Communities videos and activities about family homelessness.


4. Watch and reflect on Family Promise’s videos about the volunteer experience and what it’s like to be a guest family.


5. Make a donation to Family Promise Chicago North Shore so we can continue to provide shelter, meals, job search assistance and other support for families in homeless situations in our community.


At Family Promise Chicago North Shore, we are dedicated to helping families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, get back on their feet and provide a stable lifestyle for their children. Until there are no families who need us, we need you! Thank you for participating in Night Without A Bed 2022!


We Need Your Support Today!

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