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Community is an extension of Family!

“The Building Block of Every Community is Family” ...-Paul Singer

Spring is here! We celebrate that your continued support of Family Promise keeps us going strong and helping families with children who are facing homelessness.

As a core value, Family Promise Chicago North Shore (FPCNS) engages the community to ensure a comprehensive approach to addressing the critical factors of family homelessness and helping families to become sustainably self-sufficient.

While we are actively working to help our guests find employment and long-term housing, we offer our guests and the community the Keys to Good Tenancy program. This curriculum prepares new renters for tenancy by addressing a broad spectrum of elements crucial to their long-term success, including budgeting, leases, home repairs, maintenance, neighbor relations, renters’ rights, and more. Graduates of our program share that Keys to Good Tenancy provided the tools to be successful “when an individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together”- Paul Ryan

When a community like ours rallies around the families that most need support, we can impact the stability of the families, the emotional and academic success of the children, and the futures of each family member.

Without the generosity of people like you, this support and its profound impact would not be possible.

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